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Use the retirement super charger to Lower your taxes and grow your retirement savings Quicker than Ever before
Tactical Investment Advisors, LLC  shows you how to implement a 50 year old retirement savings plan to save up to $300,000 per year into tax deferred retirement accounts and give you major tax savings right now.





You don't need the Latest Gimmick, Shiny object or next Best thing. You need a 50 year old retirement savings strategy that will give You Results, year in and year out.

Tactical Investment Advisors Helps take small business owners that are stressed about how they are going to save enough for retirement and how much they are paying in taxes now and put them on track to be 'Financially Free Retirees'. 

Less taxes now. A Sought after Retirement Account. Predictable Income In Retirement to Fund the Life You Always Dreamed.

Escape the Inefficiency and Tax Pain By using a Proven 50 year old Retirement Plan. Don't be just another person that pays too much in taxes and doesn't save enough for retirement.  Think Bigger.

Our Services will help you by giving you:

  • Proven, Tested Strategies
  • The 50 year old retirement savings plan 
  • How to Save More For Retirement and Pay Less In Taxes for Doing So
  • On A Path To Having 4 Million in 10 Years
  • Experienced Team
  • 500k-1M in Tax Savings in the Next 10 Years
real People, Proven strategies, Massive Results
We Help Your Retirement Savings Grow with a plan that allows you to defer up to $300,000 per year into a 50+ year old savings plan. Without These, Nothing else matters. With them, Your retirement and tax savings will grow bigger than you thought possible. 
Businesses Changed
Proven strategies
Tax Savings

The Process Start to Finish

A Framework For Exactly how to grow Retirement Savings quickly without having to make more money (assuming you can save 100k+ per year)

Have you saved enough for retirement? are you paying too much in taxes?

Business owners netting more than $300,000 per year who can save at least $100,000 per year are not saving enough for retirement and paying uncle Sam an extra 50k plus extra every year. Their CPAs are too busy to find and implement proven retirement plans than can change this overnight. 

Tactical Investment Advisors Gives you the Tools, Strategies, Systems and Support to build a retirement that you dreamed of and save big money on taxes right now.
  • Find out if The 'Retirement Super Charger Can Help You
  • Grow Your Retirement Bigger Than You Thought Possible
  • Do What Successful Business Owners Do
  • Save 500k+ on taxes in the next 10 years
  • Create a 4 Million Dollar Retirement Plan Balance in 10 Years
  • Find Out If  You Qualify For A Plan That Allows you to Save More for Retirement and On Taxes 
Your Business has positioned you to save $100,000 per year already. Reallocating those funds into a 50+ year old savings plan will build your dream retirement and save you money on taxes right now. 

Create Your Dream Retirement And Save on Taxes Now

3 Steps To Begin Your Journey

Watch this Free introductory training on How To Use the“Retirement Super Charger”
That Lets you save up to $300,000 per year and save you up to $100,000 per year on taxes 

How Does it Work?

Most Business Owners know they can save up to $61,000 into their SEP IRA and that works out to 12-18k in tax savings every year.

The Retirement Super Charger is a proven savings plan that lets small business owners defer up to $300,000 per year into a qualified account, while saving you up to $100,000 per year on your taxes for being a steward of your future.  

Save for Retirement, Save on Taxes, Live The Dream Retirement

The Retirement Savings Plan you need to grow your retirement quickly; Without it, you're throwing away 100's of thousands in taxes and you will never have the retirement you always dreamed about.

Learn how you can use the Retirement Super Charger to Build Your Dream Retirement and Save Huge on Taxes Now For Taking Care of Your Future.

Self Employed/Small Business Owners Who Could Benefit from the Retirement Super Charger
The Solo-Owner/Operator
Software sales, age 53, set up an S-Corp for  solo practice. Wants to grow retirement assets quickly and reduce tax liabilities. Pays himself $300,000 in W-2 income.
Married Business Partners
Husband & Wife Marketing Team, Jason age 61,
Jessica age 59, pay themselves $290,000 each in W-2 income.
They both plan to retire in 5 years.
Employed with Side Income
Educator, age 55, makes $180,000 in salary from  and contributes the maximum to 401 (k) plan. She also has earned at least $150,000 in sole proprietor income for the past few years from consulting and giving speeches which put her in a higher tax bracket. She plans to continue her side work until she is 59, maybe longer.
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How To Use “The Retirement Super Charger”
To defer up to $300,000 in to a savings plan and save up to $100,000 in taxes for being a steward to your future
Hundreds of  Self Employed and Small Business Owners Have Already Used this Training to Build the Retirement of Their Dreams and Save Huge on Taxes
Here's what we'll cover...
  • Secret #1: The Strategy that allows you to save up to $300,000/year into a retirement savings plan and potentially increase your retirement savings by $4,000,000 in the next 10 years.
  • Secret #2: The Tax Benefit You Receive by saving for your future and how business owners netting $400,000/year could save $1,000,000 in taxes over the next 10 years.
  • Secret #3: Why your CPA hasn't brought this strategy to your attention.
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